Guri Edit

He first encountered her in his house and she told him that she accidentally wrote his name down on a Kiss Note, stating that if Seiji himself, don't kiss any girl she chose for over 24 hours, he will remain a virgin forever and Guri will die shortly thereafter. Though she is one of two characters (hence, Seiji and Guri herself) being stabbed by Akane for several times throughout the story, they were immune to death, meaning that both Akane and Seiji had granted an Angel's Blessing when the two names were in the Kiss Note, which Seiji was immune from death but unlike Guri's immunity from stab wounds, physical pain and death, Seiji and Akane can still feel physical pain. Since the start of the series, Guri wasn't supposed to be with him but after an unlikely event such as when Seiji kisses Guri because he misunderstands the process about his virginity and her death, this triggers Akane's yandere personality as Akane thought that Guri was attached to Seiji.

Akane Hiyama Edit

A woman who seems to be madly in love with Seiji and a love rival against Guri for Seiji. When he first encountered and met Akane at school with Guri, the latter said about an unlikely event at Seiji's house which reveals her true colors such as her Yandere personality, which scares Seiji to the point that if he wouldn't be ready to face her. She is a "yanderistic" character which is shown when another woman tries to be near or have a relationship with Seiji. In "Episode 5", she would even go as far as trying to commit suicide with a knife, should Seiji have died though he was actually sent to Heaven after he was knocked out, temporarily. Prior to the start of "Episode 1" of the Renai Boukun series, Seiji had previously met Akane before. When his eyes was blinded as he was scratched by his pet cat, Akane helped Seiji with both the cat and as his guide. Afterwards, Seiji told her that she is very kind and he had stronger feelings for her.

Akua Aino Edit

Seiji's younger sister. During her childhood, she is far looking girly than her present age, Prior to the start of the series throughout the early years before Seiji met Akane, she became more tomboyish(despite she was a feminine) when she was getting older, simply to attract her brother's attention. She began to change herself however when Seiji began spending less and less time with her in order to get his attention back. Despite this, Seiji failed to notice her to the point where it developed into animosity against Seiji, much to his confusion. When Seiji had stronger feelings for Akane and he is in newfound harem, her discontent grows further, to the point that she tends to injure Seiji whether if he didn't understand about her emotions, marking her as a 'tsundere', meaning she loved him unconditionally but at the same time, hates him due to her animosity. No one knows if Akua wanted to have a close relationship with her brother or if she had stronger and romantic feelings for Seiji similar to Akane's.

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