Seiji Aino Edit

Akane has proven herself to be more than deeply in love with Seiji to the point of psychosis, and gets extremely jealous of and even murderous towards anyone who tries to get close to him. She is without question a yandere; she is willing to kill anyone who she thinks is trying to steal Seiji from her, and has even shown that if she can't have Seiji to herself she is willing to kill him as well. On multiple occasions she has stabbed Seiji repeatedly when she thought he was cheating on her, although it is possible that she continues to do this because she knows that Seiji won't die because of it on account of them both being angels. She is also quite protective over Seiji, as she relentlessly attacks anyone who tries to hurt him because only she is "allowed" to hurt him. In this way her yandere tendencies are often a source of comedy.