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Yoshino Aoyama (Japanese)

Jad Saxton (English)

Guri (グリ) is one of the protagonists of the anime and manga Renai Bōkun, she is a cupid, and is the daughter of the God of Angels Kamisama and Lord Demon Mavuro.

Biography Edit


Appearance Edit

Guri is a pale-complexioned girl that appears to be 16-18 years old. She has purple eyes and purple hair her hair with two long tufts and one raised in the center that moves according to her state of mind. Because she is a half-demon, she possesses demon-like ears.

Generally she is seen wearing a wine-colored cape with a pink skull, black gloves with white intermediate stripes, a black summer shorts, a fiutu belt, with a white skull ornament, long black boots and a white blouse with a black center.

Personality Edit

Guri is an energetic, cheerful girl that tends to act on impulse. Although kind-hearted, she often causes trouble for those around her (mainly Seiji) because of her antics, albeit unintentionally. As Cupid, her job is to use the Kiss Note to create new couples. However, because of her love of BL manga, she mostly creates same-sex male couples for her own amusement.

Though she didn't initially understand what love was, she finds herself falling in love with Seiji as the series progresses. Although her feelings are so far unrequited (while Seiji cares about her, he only sees her as a friend), she is not deterred and continues to try to make Seiji her own.

While she often acts like an airhead, she is fairly insightful as shown when she deduces that Shikimi isn't really evil, but rather misguided and hurt due to her childhood experiences. She is also shown to be forgiving as she forgives Shikimi for manipulating her and offers her a chance to turn to the light.

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